MSHSAA Prescribed Graded Music List

Refer to Section 3 of the MSHSAA Music Manual for additional information regarding the prescribed graded music list and the performance of multi-movement works.

The MSHSAA Prescribed Graded Music List (PML) is a graded list of solo and small ensemble literature for the MSHSAA Evaluative Music Festivals and shall serve to aid Missouri music educators in finding and choosing quality literature. This list shall provide a basis for consistent and meaningful adjudication at these festivals. If no information appears in ( ) beside the title of the work the performer(s) will be expected to perform the entire work as written including repeats, if necessary to fulfill the 3 minute minimum time requirement as established by the specific PML matrix. This would also apply to second selections that are taken from the PML.

Exception for Piano Solos: The piano solo list is unclassified or ungraded. The selections have not been timed prior to inclusion on the PML. It is the school music director’s responsibility to ensure that the 3 minute minimum time requirement is met.

NOTE: The duration of some works included on the list may be less than 3 minutes. These selections have been indicated as such on the list. In cases where a selected solo or ensemble is designated to be less than 3 minutes, it will be necessary to perform an additional selection from the MSHSAA PML to satisfy the minimum time requirement. If no additional work is selected the performer and director acknowledges that the performance will be automatically lowered one rank.

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